Jul 31, 2012

Blogging Technology Lesson Plan

Below is part of an assignment. I have chosen to complete my assignment here and share a link to this post.
These are 30 min. lessons I used during intervention time last year to introduce blogging to students. These lessons were modeled to two 4th grade classes and one 3rd grade class.

Objective:To help students understand the mechanics of blogging and commenting on blogs, discuss appropriate uses for blogs, and practice safe blogging and dealing with trolls.

Day 1:
Blogs in plain English
Show examples of student blogs.
Mrs. Hillenburg's Class
Mrs. Barnes' Class
Mrs. Grant's Class

Day 2:
 Paper blogs to introduce creating your own blog.
Show students this lesson/post then allow them to create their own paper blog
Paper blog examples

Day 3:
Commenting - Post all paper blogs in the hallway. Students will comment using post-it notes.

Day 4:
Introduction to Kidblog
Logging in and creating your own kidblog

Day 5: 
Quality control - How much is too much or not enough to post? Quality of comments - examples of quality comments and just "high-five" comments:)

Last year it took about 5-6 days to cover all aspects of blogging for students. Every now and then issues would come up that would have to be addressed but could be addressed in just a few minutes prior to allowing students to work on their blogs.

Our uses for student blogging:
*This year this can be taught by the computer lab teacher and the teachers can jump right in to using Kidblog from the beginning. We keep the blogs private at first so the children can learn. Then once they are comfortable and post/comment correctly we open them up.

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