Who Blogs Here Anyway???

I love blogging although you may not know that since I haven’t blogged here in a while. So let me tell you why that is...
I can’t keep up! Oh I know, believe me. “You make time for what’s important.” Blah blah blah. But what if it’s all important? I’m being serious here. It really is all important! 

My kids are important. Monday night basketball practice. Tuesday night softball practice. Wednesday night basketball game. Thursday night run errands and Friday night starts weekend softball tournament. I know that you all do it too. I also know that some of you donit by yourself too. But seriously, during this season of life, how do you get it all done? 

Some of you have reached out to me about my excerpt in my good friends book Balance LAP. (Balance Like a Pirate) I made the comment that you can have it all just not all the time. Seasons of life come and go. 

When I started this blog over 10 years ago their weren’t many, if any, other principals blogging. Look at us now! I was trying to think back to the sequence of events....
Twitter first? Then blogging, then podcast, then Facebook, then Voxer, now Instagram? I’m sure I’m leaving something out. There is no shortage of administrators on social media these days. 

So where does this blog fit in? I have no idea. My inner struggle has been about what to share. I want it to matter and most of all be helpful. So I think I’m just going to start sharing again and see where this goes. 

If you’ve read this far....bless your heart... I love you for it! Stay tuned for what may or may not be things that have already been shared or even be relevant to your life. If you’ve followed me all these years, you have been a good friend and cherish all of you. 

Here’s to 10 more years of blogging...or not!:) 

Trying My Hand at Vlogging

I am obsessed with YouTube lately! Teacher Tubers especially. I think my roots will always  be in the classroom because I totally got hooked on classroom set up videos this summer. It was crazy!

I tried to stay on the "subscription" tab on my iPhone but the app always opens on the YouTube "home" page and has a ton more suggestions. Then I got hooked on #Girlboss videos, vision board tutorials (yes, my daughters and I are making vision boards:), YouTube tips and tricks videos and on and on.

The first week of school I tried my hand at Vlogging. As I mention in the video it's just hard to remember to video all the time. As a principal there are also confidentiality issues that are different than those as a teacher. Not much of what I deal with can be shared online other than only the positive aspects of my job.

YouTube creation and creating images for social media are my Stephen Covey "sharpen the saw" go to hobbies. I can sit down for an hour and create a few images and/or watch some YouTube tutorials and all is right with the world!

Here is my attempt at vlogging:

Facebook LIVE - Summer Series, Bullet Journal Review

Live on Facebook on Tuesdays in June! Seriously Tuesday is the ONLY night we do not have games, camps, open gym, scrimmage, etc. Summer School and summer chauffeur-ing keep us quite busy.

However......In order to collaborate, share and get ideas I couldn't pass up an opportunity to connect with Facebook friends/followers of the The Principal Blog on Facebook.

Check it out! In this episode I reflect on using a Bullet Journal for a year. The good AND the bad:)

Grab-n-go Snack Bin - #momhack

Usually my posts are about "principal-ing." However, this post takes a dramatic turn to being a mom. Well, not so dramatic but working on my writing "hooks." LOL 

There is a selfish reason for this post and I just can't help it. I listened to a podcast last week about sharing fearlessly. What if you have an idea that could change someone else's life? Even if only a small change, it's worth it to share so they said.  First, there is sharing for shameless self-promotion. Second, is sharing that can help others. This falls in the 2nd category...sharing that can help.

Selfishly my hope is other moms, both working or stay at home, will share their #momhacks. And, yes, I read lots of mom blogs!

But first, a tribute. This #momhack comes from my forever #BFF who went to be with Jesus just a couple years ago. She lost a hard fought battle against pancreatic cancer. The weekend she told me she had cancer I dropped everything and drove 3 hours to spend the day with her, her sister and her husband while the kids were at school.

Advice taken - My older brother actually lost 2 very good friends to cancer. It was his advice to go see her immediately. Cancer is bad and she was going to deteriorate rapidly and family would become the ONLY THING allowed. All of that turned out to be true.

During my visit I discovered the "grab-n-go" snack bin. She may have actually called it a drawer. I can't really remember. The kids were allowed to take ANYTHING out of this drawer/basket at any time. Take for school lunch or just to snack.

My friend Tina was the ultimate mother. I will only be half the mother she was. Her #momhacks were always the best. She was my first call for mom advice, postpartum issues and anything dealing with motherhood.

Grab-n-go Snack Bin guidelines - I use "guidelines" loosely:) 

  • Buy snack size/serving sizes and dump in the bin.
  • Buy in bulk. Dump in the bin.
  • Count it out by serving size listed on the box. Dump in the bin. (I did this with Wheat Thins and Cinnamon Life in the picture.)
  • Buy fruit snacks in bulk, dump in the bin.
  • Anything non-perishable...dump in the bin.
  • Take bin out and check expiration dates every few months. Maybe more often than once a year:):)
  • There are no rules for the kids to take out of the snack bin. Open door. Take what you want. This applies to all children who enter the house. (This means if you have regular visitors or neighbor kids that come over often, they can take from the bin.)
  • Order groceries online for pick-up and you can plan ahead to keep the bin stocked!
Up next....fridge "grab-n-go!"

What are your lunch packing, snack eating #momhacks??? Everything helps!

Productivity Facebook Group Update

Click here to join!
Learning from the smartest principals in the world, yes I said WORLD, has been amazing! If you have not joined our Principal Productivity Facebook Group you don't know what you don't know.

Why a Facebook group? I am so glad you asked!

This is a specific group of people. It's principals only. Well mostly principals. When you request to "join" you are given a set of questions to answer. I guess you could lie. The recommendation from our initial group was to keep it a specific group.

So let's talk about Facebook groups. You might be in a few groups. I would guess that they are ALL OVER THE PLACE! It's hard to remember why you even signed up for the group. It's too much effort to "leave group" so it's a group just lingering out there you never check.

I started to notice that groups had "rules." Can you believe that even as adults, educated, professional adults, we still need rules? Now I know why. Do you manage a group? How big is your group? This has actually been an extremely valuable lesson for me personally and professionally. How can I use a closed Facebook group for my school community? Dare I try that? Well I have been thinking about it. And I have an idea!

While I am processing my idea for a closed group for my school, if you are a principal join us! We need you! I need my people! I need principals to help me, to inspire me, to coach me, to share with me. I know you are out there.

If you are a teacher reading this and you have been dying for your principal to join social media or just understand it....send them a link to this post! Message me your principal's contact information and I will connect with them. They will LOVE this! I promise.