About Melinda

I have been and Elementary Principal for 15 years and can't imagine doing anything else. I love connecting with other principals and collaborating online. Teacher's work really inspires me and I strive to help my teachers grow. Technology integration is my strength as a leader.

Why this blog.....
This blog was started to provide practical tips/tricks/advice for school principals. I leave the philosophical blogging to some of my more well-spoken blogging friends.

On a personal note.......
I have two beautiful daughters! Cassidy and Alyson. My daughters have been attending my school since Kindergarten. Having my children in my school has tremendously impacted my drive and desire to be the best that I can be at being a mom and principal. Oh and the cutest dog in the world...Miss Minnie!

Bragging Rights.....
My #1 bragging right is my staff! They make me look really good by their dedication and hard work for the children of our school!

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