5 Tips for a Successful Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

Ready or not here it comes! I have always loved Teacher Appreciation. As a teacher I remember how special our PTO and students made the week. Now as a principal I have enjoyed being a part of the planning process.
Over time our process has changed and families and PTO members have come and gone. We have also established different committees that take on some of the responsibilities. Of course the more help the better but I do love all the little projects and planning that goes into Teacher Appreciation.
There have been hundreds of lessons to be learned about celebrating Teacher Appreciation over the last 15 years but I am only going to share my Top 5 Tips for Success:

#1 - Recruit help!!! 

If you are a principal this is the busiest time of year for you too. You cannot be doing all the things that go along with closing out the school year and planning an entire week of appreciation for your teachers! It's just too much. Recruit your secretaries, your family, spouse, children, neighbors and/or friends! You will be surprised at how much others are so glad to help!
Cutting out tags for Easter treats!

#2 - Plan Ahead!!

Teacher appreciation is always on my mind. Seriously, almost the whole year. There are tons of ideas that flood social media over the course of the school year. You are going to see TONS of ideas! There is no way you can implement all the ideas you see. Start working your way back from May and space out your projects for the week.

#3 - Organize your ideas!!

Where are you putting all of your ideas over the course of the year? I actually type ideas on my Google calendar as I see them. I mentally process when I could fit in the project and put it on or around that date. When you enter an event on your calendar you can also enter the link to where you found the idea.

#4 - Join our Facebook Group

My great friend Amber Teamann and I started a Principal's Only Facebook group almost 2 years ago. This group is now over 5,000 members and there are endless ideas being shared. You could literally plan over 5 years worth of appreciation events by searching the group. Currently you HAVE to be a principal to join the group but we are working on other projects to include more people.

#5 - Get ideas delivered straight to your inbox!

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