Fabulous February Confession

I didn't do it! Nope! No Fabulous February for Willard East this year.

Before February started I told my "Culture Club" we are not doing it. As the leader it is my job to look ahead and filter things that are on the calendar or would like to be on the calendar. When I looked at February I knew there was no way. In my defense, I have talked about this before. If February doesn't work out there is always Marvelous March and/or Awesome April.

("Culture Club" is what we call our Leader In Me Environment/Culture Action Team. Just more fun to picture Boy George singing Karma Chameleon every time we say it! )

We had 2 snow days in February. We hosted our very first Leadership Day as part of the Leader In Me initiative. This Tuesday is Family Reading Night. And I have been out of building more in the past year than EVER. In the past I have tried to do all the things AND still pull off Fabulous February. Needless to say I was miserable and my family was miserable because I was trying to be all things to all people.

Teachers need Fabulous February. One of my teachers reminded me the other day, "Now I remember why we do Fabulous February." It's a crazy month. Especially with all the snow days and inside recess. I actually love all the Instagram posts about inside recess. They are pretty funny.

Having said all of that......We will do something. When we became a Leader In Me school last year the torch was passed to the Culture Club. There is now a group that plans culture building activities all through the year. That was bitter sweet. Fabulous February is a lot of work! If someone wants to do all the things go right ahead. But it is also MY "thing." I like all the planning and creating and anticipation.

I say all of this to say that there is no right or wrong way. Whether it's February, March, or April it's the "why" that keeps us going. Everyone needs appreciation, fun, gifts, sweet treats, etc. It's just for fun. When it's not fun, we reevaluate and plot a new course.

Here are some awesome ideas that we might to try to convert to March or April activities. These have been posted in our Facebook group under other topics. The nice thing is that we change them to meet any idea!

"March in Mug" (Idea from Michele Stanton in Facebook Group)

Thank you Jessica Gomez - "A Toast to the End of the Year"

If you did Fabulous February how did it go? What will you change in the future? Let us know in the comments so we can all learn together.