Principal Planner - Complimentary Copy

Happy Sunday friends! I was able to get quite a bit done on some of my creative projects this weekend. Of course there are tons of other things to do but on a dreary day there is nothing better than coffee, clipart, and chillin' with my kids!
Can be digital or paper. I currently use as paper but
have uploaded it to Goodnotes too.
This is the FREEBIE
I teased a little bit about this freebie in my Insta-stories over the past couple of weeks. It may not necessarily be finished but it's finished for now. Some of you have been waiting for me to share it and I just wasn't sure I liked it. Still not sure.
Last year's goal was to be more productive in the evenings.
This is posted in my TpT Store.
Over the course of the past couple of years my kids have hit the age of total immersion in sports and school events. When I say there is something every night, I mean EVERY night. I originally started using an "evening planning" calendar. I was not productive at all in the evenings because there is no set schedule. Every week is different.
This is a freebie lesson plan template and I can't remember the
title or store but will update this when I find it again.
For years I have used a daily planner. Paper and digital. Paper because I just like it and I like stickers. (I don't use stickers all the time.) I am making the transition to the weekly calendar because I can't keep up. I need the week laid out in front of me to see where I can plug in some important things. It's easy to get lost in the day and become unproductive waiting for things to happen or the next appointment.
Notice all the time available for plugging in
to-do items.
As you can see this is evolving and a work in progress. I used to fret over changing planners during the year. I thought if I bought one I had to use it or the planner police would arrest me for not finishing it. No more planner guilt for me! I love all the planners!

Fall Break & Freebies

Hello Friends! Is there really anything better than a fall break inserted right at the end of "Shocktober?" Perfect timing! Especially for my teachers. I know October is tough and I try to do everything to keep the humor alive and support teachers. Just knowing a break was coming up was a big incentive.  Bring on naps, coffee, movies, and of course LivePD!!!

Totally forgot there was a "Freebies" page on my blog. Oops! I had my blog redesigned last year and was trying to think to the future to things I could offer or do to support principal friends and/or teachers. Who doesn't love a freebie?

I have added 2 freebies, I think:) They should be linked in Google for "anyone with the link" but I guess we will see once this goes live and everyone knows where to look. Total disclaimer here.....I do have a TpT store. I call it my "start up business" but it's been "starting up" for a couple years. It's about as vacant as the brick and mortar stores you see all over town. Eventually I will move in with more content. Check it out and "Follow me" there and you will know when I do upload new content someday.

Do you have a fall break? How do you rest and rejuvenate?