Daily Private Victory - Because it's October

How exhausted are you? Noticed I didn't even ask "IF" you are exhausted. I already know the answer to that. In the world of education October is a bit of a transition month. The honeymoon is over, grade cards are due, parent/teacher conferences, discipline, and you can list all the rest.

This is year 2 for my school as an official Leader in Me school. You may be hearing more more about Leader In Me as it seems to be gaining momentum. We are a district-wide program with a couple more schools to come on in the future. I am telling you this because it is through Leader In Me that I learned to have a DAILY "Private Victory." Yes, DAILY!

Let's explore why it might be more important to find this private victory now in the month of October. I get the impression from teachers/educators online and in my own school that everyone is tired, stressed, overwhelmed, etc. I don't think anyone in education is immune to these feelings right now. (This too shall pass.)

I don't bring this up to wallow in the negative. Nor do I bring this up to be a positivity Pollyanna. (Positivity seems to be much better received:):):) The simple practice of identifying my daily private victory before I leave work has changed how I go home to my family.

How many times have you left work feeling like you just have to get out of there? Or you just need a break? (My teachers read this so I never do that.) Below is a picture of the visual I made for all my staff to help us remember our daily private victories!

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