Challenges of Goal Setting

Have you ever talked yourself out of goal setting because you knew wouldn't meet the goal? That's me every time! Over the past few years I have gone through some challenging things in my life. Trying to find my purpose again. Asking, "Why?" a lot. Just trying to get my groove back so to speak.

It seemed like goal setting kept coming up in lots of aspects of my life. The people around me were setting goals. Teacher-preneurs on social media were setting goals. The podcasts I was listening to were about goal setting. The title of the podcast wasn't about goal setting but it would just pop up in podcasts all the time. I was starting to get the hint.

The problem is that in my role as a principal just about everything is about goal setting. Building improvement plan goals, professional development goals, student goals, health and wellness goals, walk-through goals, and goals and goals and goals if you know what I mean. With so many it's hard to keep track of all of them. So I just didn't. But I needed something to look forward to. So I started small and I am keeping track of as many as I can.

So far.....
Successful Goals

  • Pay off debts - Paid off two debts recently.
  • Practice gratitude - Kept a gratitude journal successfully for over a year. 3 things I am grateful for every day.
  • Be a better mom - It's just the small things I pay more attention to.

Current Goals

  • Provide more positive feedback at work - I have a visual aid and tally app on my watch to help with this. I could do better but I am more aware of the type of feedback I am giving to everyone.
  • Exercise 3 times a week - Well.......This is a challenge with 2 girls in 3 different sports but I haven't given up completely.
  • Plan the week every Sunday - I have always done the and this easy for me.

Failed goals...did/do I even try:):):)

  • Lose weight - I have actually gained weight so clearly this is not working!
  • Blog more - You can read the stats of this blog to see that's not happening!
Goal Setting Resources I've used lately:

Money Saving Mom - Make Over Your Year: I didn't take the course but there was a freebie to download. I think if you join the email list you can get access to the freebies.

Daily Private Victory - Because it's October

How exhausted are you? Noticed I didn't even ask "IF" you are exhausted. I already know the answer to that. In the world of education October is a bit of a transition month. The honeymoon is over, grade cards are due, parent/teacher conferences, discipline, and you can list all the rest.

This is year 2 for my school as an official Leader in Me school. You may be hearing more more about Leader In Me as it seems to be gaining momentum. We are a district-wide program with a couple more schools to come on in the future. I am telling you this because it is through Leader In Me that I learned to have a DAILY "Private Victory." Yes, DAILY!

Let's explore why it might be more important to find this private victory now in the month of October. I get the impression from teachers/educators online and in my own school that everyone is tired, stressed, overwhelmed, etc. I don't think anyone in education is immune to these feelings right now. (This too shall pass.)

I don't bring this up to wallow in the negative. Nor do I bring this up to be a positivity Pollyanna. (Positivity seems to be much better received:):):) The simple practice of identifying my daily private victory before I leave work has changed how I go home to my family.

How many times have you left work feeling like you just have to get out of there? Or you just need a break? (My teachers read this so I never do that.) Below is a picture of the visual I made for all my staff to help us remember our daily private victories!