Trying My Hand at Vlogging

I am obsessed with YouTube lately! Teacher Tubers especially. I think my roots will always  be in the classroom because I totally got hooked on classroom set up videos this summer. It was crazy!

I tried to stay on the "subscription" tab on my iPhone but the app always opens on the YouTube "home" page and has a ton more suggestions. Then I got hooked on #Girlboss videos, vision board tutorials (yes, my daughters and I are making vision boards:), YouTube tips and tricks videos and on and on.

The first week of school I tried my hand at Vlogging. As I mention in the video it's just hard to remember to video all the time. As a principal there are also confidentiality issues that are different than those as a teacher. Not much of what I deal with can be shared online other than only the positive aspects of my job.

YouTube creation and creating images for social media are my Stephen Covey "sharpen the saw" go to hobbies. I can sit down for an hour and create a few images and/or watch some YouTube tutorials and all is right with the world!

Here is my attempt at vlogging: