Grab-n-go Snack Bin - #momhack

Usually my posts are about "principal-ing." However, this post takes a dramatic turn to being a mom. Well, not so dramatic but working on my writing "hooks." LOL 

There is a selfish reason for this post and I just can't help it. I listened to a podcast last week about sharing fearlessly. What if you have an idea that could change someone else's life? Even if only a small change, it's worth it to share so they said.  First, there is sharing for shameless self-promotion. Second, is sharing that can help others. This falls in the 2nd category...sharing that can help.

Selfishly my hope is other moms, both working or stay at home, will share their #momhacks. And, yes, I read lots of mom blogs!

But first, a tribute. This #momhack comes from my forever #BFF who went to be with Jesus just a couple years ago. She lost a hard fought battle against pancreatic cancer. The weekend she told me she had cancer I dropped everything and drove 3 hours to spend the day with her, her sister and her husband while the kids were at school.

Advice taken - My older brother actually lost 2 very good friends to cancer. It was his advice to go see her immediately. Cancer is bad and she was going to deteriorate rapidly and family would become the ONLY THING allowed. All of that turned out to be true.

During my visit I discovered the "grab-n-go" snack bin. She may have actually called it a drawer. I can't really remember. The kids were allowed to take ANYTHING out of this drawer/basket at any time. Take for school lunch or just to snack.

My friend Tina was the ultimate mother. I will only be half the mother she was. Her #momhacks were always the best. She was my first call for mom advice, postpartum issues and anything dealing with motherhood.

Grab-n-go Snack Bin guidelines - I use "guidelines" loosely:) 

  • Buy snack size/serving sizes and dump in the bin.
  • Buy in bulk. Dump in the bin.
  • Count it out by serving size listed on the box. Dump in the bin. (I did this with Wheat Thins and Cinnamon Life in the picture.)
  • Buy fruit snacks in bulk, dump in the bin.
  • Anything non-perishable...dump in the bin.
  • Take bin out and check expiration dates every few months. Maybe more often than once a year:):)
  • There are no rules for the kids to take out of the snack bin. Open door. Take what you want. This applies to all children who enter the house. (This means if you have regular visitors or neighbor kids that come over often, they can take from the bin.)
  • Order groceries online for pick-up and you can plan ahead to keep the bin stocked!
Up next....fridge "grab-n-go!"

What are your lunch packing, snack eating #momhacks??? Everything helps!

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