Productivity Facebook Group Update

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Learning from the smartest principals in the world, yes I said WORLD, has been amazing! If you have not joined our Principal Productivity Facebook Group you don't know what you don't know.

Why a Facebook group? I am so glad you asked!

This is a specific group of people. It's principals only. Well mostly principals. When you request to "join" you are given a set of questions to answer. I guess you could lie. The recommendation from our initial group was to keep it a specific group.

So let's talk about Facebook groups. You might be in a few groups. I would guess that they are ALL OVER THE PLACE! It's hard to remember why you even signed up for the group. It's too much effort to "leave group" so it's a group just lingering out there you never check.

I started to notice that groups had "rules." Can you believe that even as adults, educated, professional adults, we still need rules? Now I know why. Do you manage a group? How big is your group? This has actually been an extremely valuable lesson for me personally and professionally. How can I use a closed Facebook group for my school community? Dare I try that? Well I have been thinking about it. And I have an idea!

While I am processing my idea for a closed group for my school, if you are a principal join us! We need you! I need my people! I need principals to help me, to inspire me, to coach me, to share with me. I know you are out there.

If you are a teacher reading this and you have been dying for your principal to join social media or just understand it....send them a link to this post! Message me your principal's contact information and I will connect with them. They will LOVE this! I promise.

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