Motivation BINGO - #Leaderinme

Games make everything more fun! Right? Different versions of staff BINGO make their way around the interwebs all year. I probably love 99.9% of them and want to use them all. However, I really do want activities to be relevant to my staff.

Last year my social media BFF Amber Teamann and I created a PD BINGO board that was super popular! You can read Amber's blog post about that here.
In our Principal Productivity Facebook group Amber also created "Git-R-Done" BINGO to inspire all of us busy principals to "Git-R-Done!" You can find that one HERE.
This year my school is participating in the Leader In Me training. Just like any program or initiative there is a learning curve. For me, I am trying learn and live the 7 habits in both my personal and professional life.
  • What does "Be Proactive" mean for me?
  • How can I develop positive "habits?"
  • What exactly is a "habit?" :)
So when the BINGO phenomenon hit my principal PLN I asked myself how to make it relevant to my staff. So here you go! The copy linked below is a "generic" copy. The copy I used for my school had some personalized information that would not apply to your hashtags/mascot.  

WHOA! Before you download let me explain "prizes." This was strictly a way to make teaching/learning/working on the 7 habits more engaging. A visual reminder. Something to hang in their classroom, hang in their home, hang on the bathroom mirror. You know what I mean. I am not giving them the prizes I have listed!! No, No, No!! Look at them....GURL!!!(BOY) Do you think I could afford that? They could come up with their own prizes to reward themselves.

Click here for your copy!

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