10 Year Blog-A-versary & Makeover

Anyone out there been blogging for 10 years?!!! (I feel like I am asking if you're out there in outer space. Um...NO. You know what I mean.) I cant' even believe it myself! My blog was seeming dated and I had noticed that other bloggers had updated their designs. I thought what the heck! Then when I started looking back....HOLY COW! I have been doing this for over 10 years!

Five Reflections

Re-purposing posts - Things have obviously changed in 10 years! Did I even have an iPhone back then? Going to have to take time to rewrite some things.

Tons of topics - Over the years I didn't realize all the topics covered in my writing. Check out all the labels. I tried to keep my writing organized so I could refer people to posts that were helpful. Now I probably can't even find what I am looking for. I moved "Search" to the top of the sidebar.

Productivity still wins - Most of my information seemed to be about productivity. I just like it. It's something I am passionate about and I can always learn about being more productive. Think of all the technology apps and devices that have been invented in 10 years?!
Connections win the internet! The absolute biggest gift this blog has given me over the years are the connections with amazing people. Never would I ever imaging meeting and connecting with so many amazing educators! 

Where am I now? Blogging may have been the only sharing social media 10 years ago? Twitter was just getting started too I think. (I don't have time to google all this stuff.) When Facebook became a "thing" I dabbled in that until my brother and I made a bet to see who could get the most followers. There wasn't even a reason to have a lot of followers at the time. I just wanted more than my brother.

Now it is even easier to connect and share. I would not be the mom/principal/person I am today without BOTH real life connections and the connections I have made online. You can find me here now:
  • Instagram - Love that it is visual and not too much reading.
  • Instagram stories - These are fun quick videos you can post. These posts can happen at the spur of the moment when you think of something or are doing something that could help someone else.
  • Personal Facebook - My personal feed/story is pretty boring. I don't really post much there. It's connected to my instagram so I can post to both at the same time.
  • Facebook Page - This page is for principal stuff and sharing ideas for school. If I like it I post it if I remember. I usually just sync this blog to that page.
  • Facebook groups - I. LOVE. THESE.  Groups are the greatest was to connect that I have found. If you're a principal you can join my 2 closed groups for principals. I am glad that I initiated the groups but I cannot take any credit for the amazing information posted in these groups.
So there it is.......Happy Blog-a-versary to me! You should try it! It's about the journey and it's been amazing!