Principals Aren't Perfect - It's ok!

This image was making it's way around my principal friends' Facebook pages recently. Let's face it...We are "supposed" to be perfect-ish. Never make a mistake. Have all the answers. Solve all the problems. Know all the things.

You know, principals can really tick people off. Kids, parents, teachers, co-workers, custodians, kitchen staff and other principals. There is no shortage of people I have probably rubbed the wrong way.

It is never my intent to get all up in your business and make you mad. (Unless you do something that hurts or has a negative impact on kids.) Oh no you didn't! It is also not my intent to upset you by telling you to be at work on time. It is not my intent to turn you sideways over "the next new thing." You know what? We are all trying to figure out this crazy world of education!

Principals are still human, moms, dads, siblings, brothers, sisters, grandparents and all the things that go along with all of those rolls too. Believe me I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours outside of work....working. Teachers do the same if not more.

Hopefully November will bring peace, calm and thankfulness. With all these gratitude challenges on Facebook everyone I know should be happier and more thankful right? I am thankful for my principal friends!

I might not do the dishes every day either!

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