The Honeymoon is Over - October!

You've built a relationship.
You've called home. (Multiple times!)
The kids have missed recess. They get extra recess.
We give them a pencil. We take away said pencil.
We tell them we are proud of them. We tell them we are disappointed.
You've eaten lunch with them. You've eaten breakfast with them.
They've clipped up. They've clipped down.
They Dojo'd +. They've Dojo'd -!
They earned points! They lost points!


Well to be honest I do not know. After 25 years you'd think I have all the answers and I just don't. My teachers try EVERYTHING! And I am not kidding. No stone is left un-turned. What would you do? What would a politician do? What should a parent do?
When I don't know, I say I don't know.
"You know what? I have no idea. You've tried everything I can think of. What do you want to try next?" And of course we come up with something. Because that's what we do.
You know what.....we just keep on keeping on. We try again tomorrow. We eat donuts for breakfast, pick up Starbucks on the way to work and start all over. Because that's what teachers do.  

It's October and we always make it to May.

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