Progressive PD for Teacher Workday

Who doesn't plan events around food? I mean really. If you feed them they will come.
Friday was a 1/2 day teacher workday. The kids were here for the morning and then teachers worked in the afternoon. It is the end of the quarter and time to work on Report Cards but our report cards self-generate through the program we use. 
The teachers finished their DRAs (Developmental Reading Assessment) about 3 weeks ago. Guided Reading groups are starting and teachers are getting organized to kick this off. Since we all learn best from each other why not share all the great things my teachers are doing within my own building?
Let me address Pinterest......Yes, they can get a bazillion more ideas on their own by going to Pinterest. However, it's pretty powerful to see that teachers you do life with every day are even better than Pinterest! I know right?!
This idea came from an #edcampsgf session and one of our intermediate school teachers. At the beginning of the year they participate in a progressive luncheon (Walking Tacos) to travel around the building to see how other teachers IN THEIR OWN BUILDING set up flexible seating. Our activity was a spin-off from that event. 
(Full disclosure...I did not go to their event. I've heard how great it is for a couple years so I reached out to their instructional coach for the directions. You too can reach out to their Instructional Coach for more info: Michelle Sechler at michellesechler@willardschools.net)

Instead of lunch we did a "snack." Trail mix to be specific. 

  • Credit where credit is due - I asked one of my teachers if she would be willing to put together a team and organize this. (Afterwards I thanked them with $25 TpT gift certificates:)
  • Each class had a bucket of one ingredient for trail mix. You decide how many ingredients and which ingredients you need by classroom/teacher numbers. 
Silver buckets outside classroom to reduce mess:) 

  • I bought all the ingredients and my secretary put it all together. I think it was my secretary and teacher who took a cart around with all the supplies and placed them outside the classroom.
  • Teachers were asked to showcase how they organize for guided reading. (Kindergarten doesn't DRA until Dec. so they showcased data binders.) If they weren't ready or wanted to show something else that was okay to. But everyone is getting set up for guided reading so I thought might be most helpful.
  • Upper grade teachers started in the lower grade hallway and vice versa. 

Reflection of activity: We scheduled an hour but it only took about 45 min.. We came back together as a group to reflect together. Teachers were asked what went well and what we could do different.
  • Schedule this after guided reading has been in place for a while so they have samples of student work.
  • How do special class teachers fit into this? They did participate but obviously they don't teach guided reading.
  • October is super overwhelming! Later in the year when teachers aren't so stressed.
  • Have the teachers stay in their classrooms while other teachers visit then switch. We left feedback notes but having the teacher there to clarify would have helped too.  
My teachers are amazing! Just when I think they can't get any better they surprise me again!

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