My Photo and Image Creation Apps

Downloaded free camera cliplart. Created in Phonto.

LOTS of you have asked about apps I use to create my images. Of course I will share!

Phonto and Photofy are my favorites! They are the first two apps I go to when creating most of my images. I take that back a little bit. If I can just take a picture and use a filter I just do Instagram. The easiest image is something that just speaks for itself in Instagram.

Phonto is an app that allows me to upload all the fonts I have purchased for my computer. You can purchase fonts directly from Phonto but I really like PBFonts, HelloFonts, and AGFonts from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Used Phonto for fonts and Photofy for the stickers

  1. Take picture. Leaving room somewhere in the photo for text or stickers. Take the picture off-centered or leave room at the top or bottom of the picture.
  2. Upload the picture to Phonto and add my text. Then save image.
  3. Upload image with the new font on it to Photofy if I want to add a certain sticker I know I can find in Photofy.
  4. Share to Instagram through Photofy. (I think it automatically saves it to my camera roll anyway.
  5. From Instagram the picture is shared with all my Facebook accounts, Twitter, and/or any other social media I'd like to share it.
Ripl and Legend are my two favorite animated photo apps!

Ripl but you have to pay to download. Sync's to Instagram as a movie.

Ripl allows me to add animated text to a photo I upload. But it's also a paid app to be able to download the actual photo or video. I learned that the hard way and paid the "trial" and immediately "unsubscribed" on iTunes so I didn't get billed.
If I want flashing words in certain colors, without pictures, I use the app Legend. It's good to change it up every now and then to get attention. When I post a Legend image to social media once in a while I think people stop for a second to look.


 Skitch is my all time favorite app to make arrows and/or annotations! I think it's how when the neon colors and words outlined in white show up so well on photos.

Made with Skitch
One goal I have is to get better at SnapChat filter pictures. Not necessarily to use Snapchat but to use the pictures and upload to another social media channel.

Next up: How do I sync all my accounts so I don't have to post individually each place?

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