Getting Things Done....AFTER School

The struggle is real! What time do you get home AFTER work? How long do you stay at work to get things done? After school for me is a black hole of complete un-productiveness. (Not a word apparently) I get things done but there is no rhyme or reason to how or when. There is a never ending to-do list that I can cross things off randomly. But I just want to feel like I accomplished something....anything important after school!
During the day my schedule is perfection almost down to the minute. 7:30AM - 4:00PM I am getting things done. Well some days I am getting things done and following my schedule. But at least there is a schedule to follow. After 15 years as a principal even the unexpected is expected and I can get back on track during the day.
But.....when the end of the day bell rings and I am packed up and headed home, everything is in slow motion. Oh, I have PLENTY to do. It's just a matter of getting it done:)
  • I always "need" something at the mall. 
  • Tropical Smoothie would be great for dinner. 
  • The yard needs to be mowed but that just makes me mad. 
  • Instagram won't "like" itself! 
  • I wonder what new LuLaRoe or Agnes & Dora outfits are posted in groups today? 
  • Minnie needs to go for a walk.
  • The laundry won't do itself. It especially won't put itself away.
  • Fast food on the way home or should I cook something? Fast food.

Need I say more? So far my answer is creating an "Evening Planner." This has been slowly improving my productivity AFTER school. It's actually pretty exciting. However I don't follow it every day yet. Making progress though!

Before I actually filled this completely out.

How do you get things done in the evenings?

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