Do You Have A Plan?

How do you plan for your week to get everything done? I am always looking for advice or new ideas when it comes to planning my week and getting things done. Please comment below if you have better/different ideas than what I share. 
Weekend planning is my thing. Usually on Sunday night, but at some point on the weekend I sit down with my calendar, computer, planning supplies, and snacks. (Snacks are probably most important:) 
Spread out all over kitchen counter.

View of one day. I plan daily.

Arch Paper Punch

Stickers just make me happy and make my planner look cute so I have to have stickers:) Washi tape is another must-have accessory. (Glitter tape is my favorite.) I use the Staples Arc system so I can move pages in and out. I can also try new pages and new formats weekly. The second picture above is my currently daily view. I create my own planner.

Paper vs. Digital - BOTH! I tried to go digital only and couldn't do it. It's faster for me to write immediately than remember what app I am using and where I put stuff on my computer or iPad. I do however transfer  my work to wherever it goes digitally.

Google calendar - Yes, I live by Google calendar. However I have to see my day laid out by 30 min. increments or I will waste time. I transfer my google calendar events to my planner. Once I have all my required events, I can enter the "stuff" I have to get done in my paper planner then transfer it to Google. Works for me but may not work for you.

Planning for the whole week has been life-changing! If I can find that uninterrupted time to do this it really helps. I can get so much more done when I have a plan.

You can find the Arc notebook system and paper punch below:

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