Balancing Text vs. Using Images

Over the years I've learned a lot about communication with my staff and school family . A lot especially about social media communication. I would rather over communicate than leave anything to chance.

It's so much easier for me to create graphics/images/etc. from my phone than wait to get back to my computer. This started when I would lay down with my girls at night for bedtime. I still had so much to get done and bedtime was 8:00. Then it took for freaking EVER for them to fall asleep. This is when I started doing a lot of my work from my phone.

Last year I did a post on using photos instead of text. Here are the places I use photos instead of text:

  • Remind text messages to my staff
  • Remind text messages to my school community
  • Twitter 
When a parent sees the images below I feel like they take note. If it's just text they might skip over it.

This way more fun to look at than just text.
Adding text helps when I cross-post things to various platforms. I try to post to ONE place then let IFTTT or the app share it to various other places. Saves time! I do actually post text with this so the hashtag shows up and when it cross-posts to twitter. The picture is my focus and the text is the secondary focus.

It was brought to my attention that translation apps and using other languages will not translate the text within my pictures. This is a bummer and I had not thought of that at all! So my Romanian families will not be able to translate just the picture. That's another reason I probably need to include text also. Below is an example of a Facebook post with text...

Would love to know your photo workflow! Next up I will be sharing some of my favorite photo apps.

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