Principal Randomness - Camera, Driving & Updates (5 min. video)

It's been a while since I uploaded a video or did a blog post. So let me clear that up. On June 9th my dad was killed in a motorcycle accident and my mother was injured very badly. Pretty much the month of June is a blur. (Sorry summer school teachers. I do remember our selfie contests though:) 

There were only3 weeks in July that I could get all my summer projects done before going back to work. It was also the month of the principal's conference...which was amazing!!! That whole story deserves it's own post if I ever get to that.

New camera - right before my dad passed away I got a new camera. The teachers I watch on Instagram and YouTube had fancy cameras. Their videos are so much better than mine. So here I am trying to figure out my camera driving around. (I do not recommend that. BTW.)