Celebrating Others! - @8Amber8 #askadmin Series

I highly recommend that you follow my good friend and conference roomie Amber Teamann from the blog Technically Teamann. Most notably known as @8Amber8 in our social media circles. She shares phenomenal ideas for school principal/administrators. I. Love. Her!! (But not in a creepy way. You know what I mean.)

This summer she organized many of her principal friends, including me(Yay!) to answer a set of questions applicable to building leadership. It has been amazing to read all the answers! What a powerful way for principals to learn....from each other!
Of course I was paired up superhero principal Matt Arend. Geez! I should have just typed,"What he said!" and left it at that. He is such a servant leader. Check out Q #10 below. That's us!

Check out these awesome answers...

Q1: What is your go to strategy for team building?

Q2: What is something you do EVERY year, without fail?

Q3: What is something you wished you knew as a first year administrator?

Q4: What has gotten easier through the years? Harder?

Q5: Where do I even start to build a culture of innovation?

Q6: How do I become the instructional leader?

Q7: How does the leader model RISK TAKING?

Q8: What are you reading to GROW as a leader?

Q9: How do you know who to hire?

Q10: As the leader, what are you MOST proud of at your school? 

Celebrating others is something I truly want to work on this year. There can be too much negative in life and in education. Believe me, I fall into the "poor me" seasons. If I can be intentional and have some measurable goals maybe I can be that positive influence I wish I had in the classroom and as a beginning principal.

How do you celebrate others?

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