Book Review - The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work

Taking a risk and attempting V-logging the past couple of weeks! What do you think? Other than my head is almost cut off in the entire video. You have to start somewhere!

Spring Break Learning and Reflections

Over the years I have spent Spring Break a variety of different ways. Of course the beach Spring Breaks when I was younger. But most of my Spring Breaks are spent learning and reflecting. Don't[ get me wrong, I have been in education long enough that there have been years that I block out any thought of school during Spring Break.  Those are few and far between because I genuinely LOVE learning. 
Our job as principal can be so busy that we struggle to find time to read, learn, and reflect on day to day routines and events. Teachers jobs are much the same. We are so busy living in the moment and sharing our best selves with each other and our students that we don't take time for our own learning. I have tons of books to read, blogs to read, YouTube channels to watch, podcasts to listen to and Twitter chats I want to partake in. Here is some of the personal learning I have managed to complete in the past few days and weeks:
I actually purchased The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros when it came out. I give my teachers the permission to be innovative and take risks all the time so why would I need to read this book? All my principal friends have it and are tweeting about it but I just thought...meh...I'll get to to it:) I am so glad that I finally had the time to read it! It clarifies a lot of my thinking and gives me a different perspective for teachers. You have to read it to understand! AND George has created an entire learning experience you can be a part of! Click here and join the movement!  This was so good that
I read this really fast. Now I am re-reading it to be apart of the IMMOOC.

Ok, so I was super mad at myself for not getting this book and reading it sooner! I know and have met Brad so I thought there was nothing else he could tell me. Boy was I wrong! I got tons of ideas from this book. Brad has to be one of the most energetic principals I know and his energy comes out in his writing too. In previous posts I mentioned that I am not much into reading or participating in philosophical banter unless it is with my own staff. This book has a lot of "how to" to go along with the "why" and I love that! You have to read this one too! Brad has an amazing blog too:

Next I have to tell you about the MO principals conference, and Google Teacher Tribe podcast, and The Five Languages of Appreciation at Work but I am going to take a break. I mean it is spring break after all:)