Find Someone Who #FabulousFebruary

February is still going strong! Hopefully my staff has enjoyed all the activities and treats and it has made February suck a little less. It's a hard time of year usually. The weather is usually bad and everyone has cabin fever. This year the weather has been beautiful but mostly on the weekends. Still a little bit of cabin fever but not as much.
Monday's #fabulousfebruary activity is a cooperative learning structure "Find Someone Who." Everyone will get a copy first thing in the morning and can complete the from by the end of the day. There are a variety of ways to win. Once the complete as much of the form as they would like, they bring their form to the office for a prize. 
Back in 2012 I started a TpT store and you can still see my "freebie" posted. I kind of abandoned the idea due to lack of time and busy family like. So much of what I share can be easily used by other principals I thought I would revisit my TeachersPayTeachers store and upload some new products. (I should probably update my "freebie" too:) There are some great products for sale and for free! You should check it out. I have used multiple items for my staff and when I work with students. It's a really great resource.
Click here to get your copy of "Find Someone Who."

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