My Technology Revival

Rewind 2-3 years and I shared almost all my technology ideas. Sometimes I think I overshared and overwhelmed my staff. You can lead a horse to water and even though you can't make them drink they can take a sip every now and then:) There are some great resources out there and what you don't know you don't know.

Padlet - Using to brainstorm 

Our state tests are in April. If we are going to "begin with the end in mind" we start a planning calendar this time of year. (Snow days are messing up my timeline and schedule for things.) I printed a calendar from Jan.-Apr. Yes, PRINTED like on paper. Old school. 

First, we will mark off any days we are out of school. Then, we need to decide days and times we are going to "prep." Some of you will probably stop reading now that I have mentioned test prep. Just cool your jets. In my honest opinion there are things kids need to know or be exposed to before the official test. I'm not going to list all of those things or go into philosophical banter. You can follow along with what my teachers think are important by watching this

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