S.O.S - Secretaries On Social Media

Tomorrow I will be presenting at our state association Educational Office Professionals Conference. I have 100 handouts but you never know when enough is enough:) Here is where I store all my resources so workshop participants can find what they need.
My secretary is AMAZING!!! I have been on social media personally for over 10 years. Using it at my school for the past 8 or 9 years. Having my secretary help manage all of our channels and add content has been one of the biggest time-savers of our partnership! The district pays a stipend to two other teachers in my district to help keep up the website and other online resources as well. However as you may know, it can be feast or famine in the office depending on the time of year. The more people I have monitoring our online channels the easier it is to communicate with our school community.
This handout is for the secretary to go back and give to his/her principal. If the principal can see a working example of a real life schools social media channels, the more likely they are to explore these options.

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