Fancy-shmancy handout for presentation to educational office professionals tomorrow (link to presentation in profile)

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S.O.S - Secretaries On Social Media

Tomorrow I will be presenting at our state association Educational Office Professionals Conference. I have 100 handouts but you never know when enough is enough:) Here is where I store all my resources so workshop participants can find what they need.
My secretary is AMAZING!!! I have been on social media personally for over 10 years. Using it at my school for the past 8 or 9 years. Having my secretary help manage all of our channels and add content has been one of the biggest time-savers of our partnership! The district pays a stipend to two other teachers in my district to help keep up the website and other online resources as well. However as you may know, it can be feast or famine in the office depending on the time of year. The more people I have monitoring our online channels the easier it is to communicate with our school community.
This handout is for the secretary to go back and give to his/her principal. If the principal can see a working example of a real life schools social media channels, the more likely they are to explore these options.

Using Images Instead of Text

This is an old topic but a still good one. I think images get attention better than text on social media. It does take a little more thought and creativity when I want to get a short message out. Let's be honest, text is much quicker than creating the perfect image.

But the other night I was just watching TV and decided to create images with my phone to post to my school social media sites before my first day back to work. Yes, I returned to work today. I am actually better with a routine and it's good to get back to work. I also miss all the time I got to spend with my kiddos.

Here are the "images" I created:

Created in the app Photify.
Uploaded to Instagram which automatically uploads to my school Facebook page.
My instagram account automatically uploads to  my twitter account.

Did you follow all that???

When Seasons in Life Stop You in Your Tracks

Has it really been 6-7 months since I have posted here? Where does the time go? After a few personal setbacks this year I think I am ready to get back on track. At least I am going to type that here and hope to get back to sharing my ideas and some of yours. 
Empathy - I learned a lot about empathy this past year. When you go through life's challenges you feel much more deeply for people and their circumstances. I learned that this year more than ever.  Of course I had to wallow in my own self pity for a while. But don't we all do that every now and then? You absolutely, positively, 1000% do not know the struggles of the people around you!
Family FIRST - Don't really need to say any more than that!
Cherish true friends - I have LOTS of friends that I need to thank for putting up with me this year and supporting me. When you go through a hard time your true friends stay with you. Bless all their hearts I know they wanted to beat me upside the head on multiple occasions to get my crap together:) It will take me forever to thank all of them but I will I can promise you!
I have missed all my principal and educator friends on the interwebs this year. There are so many ideas and conversations I missed. I can't wait to learn along with all of you again this year.