Sharing Presentation Resources Through @Remind

My good friend +Kyle Pace started a Remind.com community last year to share all things Googley. Well of course I signed up, it's Kyle Pace. I have been using Remind for a little over a year so I am familiar with the platform. Seems like most people have their cell phone with them all the time regardless of all the other devices in their possession. 
What's the fastest, best way to share presentation resources before/during/after you give a presentation?
This summer I am giving Remind a try. Below is the first slide in my presentations this summer. While we are waiting to get started and the room is filling up (or hopefully filling up:) attendees can sign up to receive presentation resources delivered directly to their mobile device. My secret strategy is to have the text messages scheduled through Remind the night before. Then 5-10 min. into the presentation....BOOM!
What other ways are you using Remind?

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