#EdcampLDR Women in Leadership Session Reflection

Even I was intimidated by the quality of female leadership at #EdcampLDR! After the session a couple of women came up to share they loved the session and wanted to carry the conversation on in a more intimate environment with a smaller group. Well......the conversation has started and we ALL need to carry it on:) 
Facilitating the session: We started a group on Voxer a couple days before #EdcampLDR. Our purpose was to be able to connect and plan a little bit before the craziness of an Edcamp started. We wanted to make sure there was a space for us to talk about women tips, tricks, organization, and challenges we have in our leadership rolls. +Jessica Johnson and I put our session on the board as soon as we got a chance. After that we had no idea what would transpire:)

During the session: AMAZING! How awesome was it to hear from female principals, teacher leaders, aspiring principals, and many more?! We basically just threw it out to the group to talk and ask questions. 
I think it is important for women to know each others support systems so we can better serve each other. 
  • Single moms with 4 kids with or without  support.
  • Women with 1 child, no children, 6 children.
  • Women wondering if they should have more kids.
  • Women with no family support.
  • Women with family support that sneaks in criticism about their job.
  • The women in the room that we have no idea what successes and challenges they are facing.
The male voices in the room: Yes! We had some male leaders attend our session. AND they spoke out.  +Jimmy Casas shared with us that we should embrace our roles. Both men and women. We chose this career and we love it so let's support each other. +Tony Sinanis talked about how much he understands what women and mothers are accomplishing and how he supports his female staff. I don't remember what +Joe Sanfelippo said. LOL!

Session take-a-ways: 
  • Support each other! 
  • Share anything and everything that will help other leaders, men or women, feel validated in the work they do.
  • Keep the conversation going!  
I am not necessarily a fan of women beating their chest and yelling, "I am woman, hear me roar!" If that's your conviction then, YOU GO GIRL!!! We can support that too. I started the session by confessing that I have lived a charmed life as a woman in leadership. My immediate family is 6 hours away but I have developed other support systems. My husband is very supportive and picks up where I leave off. My hope is always to gain practical tips, ideas, and solutions to every day challenges so that I can serve others.
  • My daughters ate cereal and ramen noodles while I was on the phone helping a teacher with a family situation. My daughters will live.
  • I missed a day of laundry so I could watch Pitch Perfect with my daughters. No on has to know I wore my Friday T-shirt twice:) 
  • I ordered 3 meals worth of food from the Schwann man because we had softball games then pool party. But I didn't have to go to the grocery store. SCORE!
We are all in this together! 

#EdcampLDR Chicago

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