Back to Work Principal To-Do List

Get ready for the scroll of death! Not sure what better way to share my back to work to-do list other than to just start typing it. Actually it's easier to screenshot most of my lists.

First, I really do empty my head onto whatever device I have at the time. Evernote, post-it note, Reminders, iPhone notes, clip board next to me, etc. Getting it out of my head and onto paper relieves more stress than whether or not I actually do the item. In the end, everything ends up in my Evernote "reminders" even if I have to retype a paper list.

Let the images do the talking for me:
This is pulled up on my computer all the time.

Click HERE for link to actual list.
When things happen too fast.....just write it down!
What's on your to-do list? Did I forget anything?

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