The Power of the Thank You Note

 Willard East Thank You notes.
The most unspoken words in school might be "Thank you." We mean to say it, we want to say it, and we always remember.....after the fact. Sooooo many people are doing soooo many thoughtful things that it's hard to keep track. What a great problem to have!

"Oh, I need to write them a thank you note."- forget
"That was so thoughtful! I have to remember to send them a thank you card." - forget
"I need to add them to my to do list for a thank you note." - forget

The past 3 years I have tried to use my time at the end of the year, after teachers and students are checked out, to sit down and write thank you cards. It's still easy to forget some people but at least I try. There was a time I was so scared I would forget someone that I wouldn't write any. Well that's ridiculous! It's better to thank a few than to thank none.

Here's my thinking:
  • We write thank you notes after each even during the year that parents sign up for using VolunteerSpot.
  • The end of the year thank you notes are a "global" thank you for everything.
  • Look through each class list.
  • Has that family done anything over the year I need to thank them for?
  • PTO, volunteer, donations, brought freshly baked treats, etc.
  • Takes me about one full day.
Custom made:)

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