Opening Most Used Tabs Quickly - Tabcloud

Summer time is organizing time. It's nice to see if some of the tips learned/heard over the year can be applied with purpose. Let's take Tabcloud for instance. If memory serves me correctly +Kyle Pace shared this during a workshop.
Any time I can simplify or speed up my workflow.....I'm in! When first learning about Tabcloud it was cool but I couldn't put my finger on how best to use it. Fast forward one year and I think I got it.

Currently, I am only using 3 "clouds." After posting this I hope some of you will share other ways you use Tabcloud.

Tabcloud 1: Googley Tabs - These are the Google apps I use most often. Probably this will be the window I live in the most.

Tabcloud 2: Willard/East/Preschool - These are the district website tabs that I get the most questions about or that I am always opening to find things during the day.

Tabcloud 3: Social Media - This will probably run in the background so I can update school social media during the day.  It will be convenient to see all our social media channels with one click. Then on my personal time I can use this for my personal accounts.

Bookmarks? Tabcloud? Google site with list of links? How do you get to those websites you use every day?

Check out this video by Amy Mayer @friEdTechnology:

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