Harder Than I Thought

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This year goodbyes were hard! I do not show my emotions publicly. At least I try to not to show sadness or cry:)  You can ask anyone around me.

I thought that it would get easier as the years go by. You know how every year there are staff members that choose another path for their life? Usually it's just a few here and there. In my case, I hire a lot of young teachers who get married and/or decide to stay home and raise their children. I am completely supportive of these decisions. But it's still hard.

These people become your family. You see them every day and you know a lot about them. Their kids, their spouses, their joys, and sometimes their sorrows. I would say that I don't do a very good job of letting them know how much I care about them or they mean to me. I could work on that.

Then there are the parent, student, and family good-byes. Tough. I will see them again but not every day. Oh my goodness there were some good ones that left this year. (Just like every year.) When they have multiple children you can spend 11 years with a family. I know, I did. It didn't hit me until the end of the day or after they walked away after dropping their child off that morning. I cried over Coleslaw this year. Yes, literally Coleslaw! It was a gift and it had special meaning.

So I guess this means it isn't going to get any easier?