"Who's Your Celebrity Crush" Staff Fun!

Here are all the details so you can use this with your staff. This is one of many activities we are doing for staff fun for Fabulous February. February can be along month with inside recess, snow days, and cabin fever.

Teachers participate on voluntary level. (I never force anyone to have fun:)

Teachers fill out form below and it is shared with secretary. Secretary prints out pics of the celebrities. (So basically the principal and secretary are out of the game since they know all the choices:(

 It's super fun to create a bulletin board for the hallway for kids/teachers/ and families to see. It creates quite a discussion/commotion in the hallway.
Teachers trying to guess after school.

World's best secretaries created this bulletin board!
This year I created an online "display" so if they forgot or didn't have time to come down and use bulletin board, they could use the online display.