My Facebook/Instagram Scrapbook

Yes, I actually have a paper copy of my Facebook and Instagram posts! It was one year ago today that I discovered My Social Book. It takes all my Facebook posts for a designated time period and puts them in a "magazine" type book.

Before discovering My Social Book I didn't have a reason to post very much to Facebook. I think/thought my every day events were really nobody's business and who would care anyway. I don't really care if anyone sees what I post. If it's helpful, great! If not I guess they can "un-follow" me. I have "un-followed" A LOT people.

Instagram is my favorite and I have created a much larger archive of my life there than in Facebook this year. Probably because not as many people are on Instagram. Or at least that is what I tell myself. I think I am going to order a separate Instagram book. I noticed that when I linked both accounts it prints duplicates if I cross-posted to both accounts.

My kids LOVE this. They love all my picture books. I forgot the value of scrapbooking until I saw my kids pour through all my scrapbooks. I will definitely do this for them when they join social media channels. Maybe this is a good teaching tool for posting appropriate things? Hmmm?

Costs approximately $55 but I don't feel like I post as much as most people. More you post, more expensive I assume. But you could print in small date ranges a little at a time? 

Proud Social-Booker Pinterest board