My Facebook/Instagram Scrapbook

Yes, I actually have a paper copy of my Facebook and Instagram posts! It was one year ago today that I discovered My Social Book. It takes all my Facebook posts for a designated time period and puts them in a "magazine" type book.

Before discovering My Social Book I didn't have a reason to post very much to Facebook. I think/thought my every day events were really nobody's business and who would care anyway. I don't really care if anyone sees what I post. If it's helpful, great! If not I guess they can "un-follow" me. I have "un-followed" A LOT people.

Instagram is my favorite and I have created a much larger archive of my life there than in Facebook this year. Probably because not as many people are on Instagram. Or at least that is what I tell myself. I think I am going to order a separate Instagram book. I noticed that when I linked both accounts it prints duplicates if I cross-posted to both accounts.

My kids LOVE this. They love all my picture books. I forgot the value of scrapbooking until I saw my kids pour through all my scrapbooks. I will definitely do this for them when they join social media channels. Maybe this is a good teaching tool for posting appropriate things? Hmmm?

Costs approximately $55 but I don't feel like I post as much as most people. More you post, more expensive I assume. But you could print in small date ranges a little at a time? 

Proud Social-Booker Pinterest board

Take a Peek Into #APrincipalsDay Jan. 7th, 2015

Education Week has challenged school principals to share pictures of how they spend their day on Wednesday Jan. 7th. If you follow the hashtag #APrincipalsDay on Twitter and/or Instagram you will finally find out what happens behind the scenes.

Edweek Article < Click here
Our aim is to gather a wide variety of images from school leaders in remote, rural, suburban, urban, and even international settings to show the differences and similarities that principals share in their demanding, yet rewarding jobs.
Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the job of the principal you will not get a complete picture of the day in the life of a school principal. But you should get pictures of the best parts!