The 5 Days of Christmas Teacher Treats

Because I can't keep up with TWELVE!!! Thank you to my Voxer group and +Jay Posick for helping with this again this year. I think Jay did this last year and we all jumped in midstream. This year I let our group of principals share ideas then I took the best ones!:)

Since it is AFTER Christmas (better late than never) and you might want to use these next year here is my recommendation....

Go to your calendar and on Dec. 1st add "5 Days of Christmas." Then include a link to this post as a reminder. Example: I use Google calendar. Any time I come across a time specific or holiday idea I add it to my Google calendar as an event. In the description I include a link to the post/picture/idea so I can look at it when I actually need it. Make sense???

Click here for PDF Copy

The how.....
  • I created all of the images on my phone, using the apps listed above, and attached them as images to a Remind text message.
  • I scheduled the text messages in advance. Sunday, before the week started, I scheduled all of these. (Remind has the "scheduling" feature.)
  • Just for fun these were all scheduled at different times. Created suspense:) It was fun. 

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