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Not everyone gets the chance to work in a new school, open a new school, or be able to redesign their current school. So when my superintendent entertained my idea of redesigning some current spaces in my "old" my building I jumped at the chance. What started as a "what if...." conversation last spring has become a reality!

The 1st drawing...
I think I originally used Lucid Chart for this design. My original idea included a counter/bar with stools. You will see that did not make the final plan but I think it may still be an option. Student ideas were also considered. Hind sight I would not show the kids my design before asking for their ideas. Their designs mirrored mine:( They were great but I think I limited their thinking.
Student example/idea
 At this point in the process I became pretty assertive. Once you have student input/ideas it's pretty defeating to think or say you have to back out or it was just a pipe dream. The fact that we are proposing a bond issue with building projects worked in my favor. I think I got the green light for the project as a trial for one of the architect companies. But you don't see me complaining.

So these drawings are amazing! Then we had the meeting....Let me preface this by saying I invited myself to the meeting. Their ideas were okay at the time but I wasn't sure. On this occasion I had my girls with me. The meeting was unexpected and I didn't have childcare that day. My 3rd grader actually swayed my thinking on a couple of things.

And so it began...Stay tuned for Part 2 when I can spend more time sharing the final project. (Spoiler alert: There are finished project pics on my instagram account @mmiller7571)

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