Random Acts of Kindness Kick-off

This year my goal is to help my teachers remember why they became a teacher. With Common Core, evaluation changes, staff changes, curriculum changes, etc. over the last couple of years we may have gotten away from what's most important.....making a difference in the lives of children. Yes of course our goal is to educate them. However it's easy to get lost in the guidelines, restrictions, and rules.

Before school started my leadership team took off on a mission to perform Random Acts of Kindness. Some were planned and some were spontaneous. Regardless, it was a great day of thinking of and serving others. Below are just a few of our stops.....
Lunch planning session

Departure in the district suburban!

We left these behind.

Laundry mat change

Leaving notes for teachers in other schools:)
Leaving coins for kids:)

Wish we could have seen kids find these:)
Final stop and reflection!

It was an amazing day! These are only a few of our stops. Motivation comes easy when you think of others and how to make their day special.

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