A Principal and Her PLN

Some people are not who you think when you meet face to face.  They are better! Funnier, more genuine, relate-able, and like-minded. This summer I met some of my favorite people face to face....FINALLY!

Build your network. Connect with others. Share ideas. Reach out. The rewards are amazing! I just wish I could have met EVERYONE in my PLN.

First, my ISTE roommate Amber Teamann! Amber and I have connected online and on Voxer. Voxer adds a whole new dimension to online relationships so it was like we had been friends for years.
@8Amber8 @mmiller7571
The Melinda's :)
Blogger's Cafe group! And we still connect.
But then came NAESP2014! There is just something about meeting other principals from all over the country. Especially those you've grown to know and built relationships with over the years. I started blogging and tweeting in 2008. I can't even begin to name all the people who have influenced my work and my leadership since then. I can't even imagine where I would be without the help of my professional network.

Finally! Tony and I had been sharing ideas and collaborating with a group on Voxer and met face to face in the Social Media Lounge at #NAESP14.  You definitely need to follow @Tonysinanis and #Cantiague to learn how to tell your school's story on Social Media.

Yep! THE Peter DeWitt blogger extraordinaire!(Oh and Tony:)
 You know those people you wish you could work with every day? The ones you want on your team? For me that is Don. This picture records that moment in time I really did get to work side-by-side with him! I also had the honor of presenting and writing an article with Kathy Melton. She has amazing ideas!

#NAESP14 Social Media Lounge Ambassadors
And finally a huge thank you to Joe Mazza for putting this group together. These leaders were truly inspiring. You can find them Twitter here:

This post does little justice to all the people I have yet to meet and have literally changed the way I do my work, but it's a start. Thank you all for your collaboration all these months and year!!!

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