Why I Joined #PTCamp

Everything is changing, including parent engagement with schools. You'd think after 10 years as elementary principal I would have things figured out. But just when you think you can predict the next move.....something changes.

When I became a principal 10 years ago PTO was a big deal. We had some stay-at-home moms who devoted their non-family time to our school. It was amazing! A little overwhelming for a new principal but we all settled in. They were a well oiled machine! Fundraiser......DONE! Ice cream social......DONE! Carnival....DONE! Then the recession hit and everyone went back to work.

It's just different now. We have amazing parents who are willing to help.  Parents want to be involved and in the know with their children's schools. It's just going to have to look different. We have to meet them where they are and it may not be the physical location of the school.

So I joined #PTChat. Hopefully between the 100 of us and the online chats we can renew/revive/reinvent parent/community partnerships! What do you think?