Practical Uses for Voxer In Schools

Thank you @PrincipalJ for introducing me to Voxer! Lately  the use of Voxer has taken off. Seems
like there are multiple Voxer shout-outs and twitter references these days. It is going to be exciting to see what the Vox says in the coming months. (See what I did there?)

But let's get practical for a moment. How are you really using Voxer as a useful tool/productivity?

Staff connection: Use like a walkie-talkie with your staff. The majority of my staff have smartphones. However, I do not think you can really use it like a walkie talkie in an emergency situation. Not all teachers will have it. They may not have the right type of phone.

District connection: My fellow principals are on Voxer and we can connect across the district when we are not in our office and not able to be in a long phone conversation.

Planning committees: Listening to @joe_mazza on @Techlandiacast today gave me the idea to start a group for a planning committee I am a part of. (Great ideas in this podcast.)

Office workflow: My secretary has Voxer and I can send quick messages. When running errands I can ask/answer questions for the office.

Collaboration: The ability to bounce ideas off of others around the world has been amazing. We share ideas in emails/Twitter/Facebook etc. But there is nothing like talking through an idea in real time.

Click here for educators on Voxer ---> #Eduvoxers

How are you using Voxer?

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