End of the Year Check Out... Lists for the Office

Principals have lots of lists! This year a group of my principal friends shared their end of the year check out lists. Super helpful as I have not updated my lists in a few years. And now that I have 2 new secretaries we had to figure out our system together.

This is too many lists/documents so I will condense for next year. Maybe these lists will help you. We tried to have everything in Google drive this year and seemed to be successful.

Preparing for check out 

Furniture inventory  -  (This is separate from the gigantic classroom inventory they submit. This is for custodians when we are moving and changing classrooms to make sure furniture gets back where it needs to be.)

Check out  - This is the day of check out, check out!

Sign up to Check out:)

Would love to see how other principals organize their end of the year check out systems.....

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