Padlet & End of the Year Survival for Teachers and Students

My staff generated some ideas for the end of the year today using Padlet. Originally I was going to use post-it notes and post on a piece of chart paper in the workroom. Nope, decided to make it techy! Here's how it went:
  • I created the Padlet and set it to post as a "stream" instead of "free form" under settings. 
  • Wrote the link on the whiteboard or they could scan the QR on my computer screen. (You see there was a meeting in our training room where I can use a SMARTboard. I had to improvise:)
  • 4 weeks of school left so had to list 4 ideas they were doing the rest of the year that might help a co-worker or students survive 4 more weeks. (Some listed 4 some didn't. It was just a guide.)
  • Teachers can bring whatever device of the 3 they have. Not kidding they have 3 devices if you include their personal device.
  • iPads were tricky because so many were adding the Padlet at the same time that it kept scrolling/skipping. Whatever.
  • It took about 10 min. for everyone to get 4 things typed after figuring out all the ins and outs of Padlet.
  • Finally we went out in the hall and used Brent Catlett's Speed-Dating Edu Tech Style to process the activity. We were VERY brief. Only did 3 rounds of Speed-Dating because it is Monday and we were processed-out!!!

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