Music Playlist for School Intercom

"I've got the music in me....." well not really but I can pick some sweet songs for the intercom at school.

A group of principals and I have been sharing some songs to play over the intercom in the mornings at school. (Or any time of day if you like.) There really is a song for every occasion.....

Here is my list of songs and the occasions or ideas I would play these:

I Will Survive - Teacher Swap Day, Day before Spring Break, Day before Christmas, etc.

Best Day of My Life - could also be replaced her for days we know are the kids best days of their lives:) 

Happy!(From Despicable Me 2) - This can be played for about EVERYTHING right now.

Geico Hump Day Commercial - Every Wednesday and I just stream YouTube.

Pajama Day - Yes! There is actually song devoted to PJ day!

Crazy Hair Day - I know you can't believe it but it's true!

Fundraiser songs/Coin Drive - These I might just play a portion of these songs
Goodbye songs - I can use these for the end of Open House or last day of school. Again, maybe not the whole song.
Holiday Break - This is for the day before Christmas break.

Going to the Chapel - One of my teachers was proposed to at school so at the end of the day we played this song and congratulated her over the intercom.

I'm sure there's more so please share! Just a fun way to start your day.

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