Padlet & End of the Year Survival for Teachers and Students

My staff generated some ideas for the end of the year today using Padlet. Originally I was going to use post-it notes and post on a piece of chart paper in the workroom. Nope, decided to make it techy! Here's how it went:
  • I created the Padlet and set it to post as a "stream" instead of "free form" under settings. 
  • Wrote the link on the whiteboard or they could scan the QR on my computer screen. (You see there was a meeting in our training room where I can use a SMARTboard. I had to improvise:)
  • 4 weeks of school left so had to list 4 ideas they were doing the rest of the year that might help a co-worker or students survive 4 more weeks. (Some listed 4 some didn't. It was just a guide.)
  • Teachers can bring whatever device of the 3 they have. Not kidding they have 3 devices if you include their personal device.
  • iPads were tricky because so many were adding the Padlet at the same time that it kept scrolling/skipping. Whatever.
  • It took about 10 min. for everyone to get 4 things typed after figuring out all the ins and outs of Padlet.
  • Finally we went out in the hall and used Brent Catlett's Speed-Dating Edu Tech Style to process the activity. We were VERY brief. Only did 3 rounds of Speed-Dating because it is Monday and we were processed-out!!!

Music Playlist for School Intercom

"I've got the music in me....." well not really but I can pick some sweet songs for the intercom at school.

A group of principals and I have been sharing some songs to play over the intercom in the mornings at school. (Or any time of day if you like.) There really is a song for every occasion.....

Here is my list of songs and the occasions or ideas I would play these:

I Will Survive - Teacher Swap Day, Day before Spring Break, Day before Christmas, etc.

Best Day of My Life - could also be replaced her for days we know are the kids best days of their lives:) 

Happy!(From Despicable Me 2) - This can be played for about EVERYTHING right now.

Geico Hump Day Commercial - Every Wednesday and I just stream YouTube.

Pajama Day - Yes! There is actually song devoted to PJ day!

Crazy Hair Day - I know you can't believe it but it's true!

Fundraiser songs/Coin Drive - These I might just play a portion of these songs
Goodbye songs - I can use these for the end of Open House or last day of school. Again, maybe not the whole song.
Holiday Break - This is for the day before Christmas break.

Going to the Chapel - One of my teachers was proposed to at school so at the end of the day we played this song and congratulated her over the intercom.

I'm sure there's more so please share! Just a fun way to start your day.

Staff Easter Egg Hunt Idea

Easter egg hunts are for kids/adults of all ages! Below is a post from my staff memo about this time last year. I may have shared this last year but it's pretty timely with Easter right around the corner.

And now for the Easter Egg Hunt: This idea is from a Springfield principal. This is just a fun faculty activity so we will see how it goes. I think I thought of everything but you never know. I also had two little helpers and you never know how much “help” they really were.
  • There are 30 plastic eggs hidden around the building. NONE are in classrooms. They are numbered so we make sure we find them all. (I did not write down where I hid them and I am sure I will forget.)
  • Inside each egg is a QR code for you to scan to see how to claim your prize.
  • Once you have scanned and completed your assignment bring your egg with code to the office for your prize.
  • If your code does not work or the assignment doesn’t apply to you then just bring the egg up for your prize.
  • ONE EGG LIMIT! Once you find your egg you are done. If you find more and want to help a friend out then feel free. Or you can just leave the rest hiding:)
  • Students might find the eggs. If they bring them to you and you don’t have one yet, by all means…… claim the egg! If you have already found an egg tell the student to put it back where he/she found it.
  • I think all the clues/assignments are student friendly so you are welcome to share with them if you would like.
  • Other than an Easter Egg Hunt, how could you use this in your classroom???? See me if you need help. (I created the codes and printed copy of codes on my phone. I did not use a QR code website. I can show you how to do that if you would like.)
  • HAVE FUN!!!