The Mobile Principal's Office

All credit to @collinspartyof5 for this fantastic idea! And be warned.....your staff will get great enjoyment teasing you about your new "mode of transportation." But all kidding aside.......

this has really been one of the greater productivity/time management purchases of my principal-ship.

More than anything it was about becoming genuinely mobile. I liked to think I was mobile but I still had to go to my office for "stuff." My iPhone is always with me but it's hard to be truly productive with such a small device. (I think it still appears rude to be on your phone at certain times.)

Then I tried the iPad. I love the iPad Mini but I would leave it laying everywhere and spent most of the day looking for it:) I can't get to everything as quickly as I can on my MacBook. 

BTW the cart even comes in black as you can see in @twhitford 's post Amongst the People.

When mentioned at the MAESP Spring Conference Principal @samantha581 recruited her husband to help with her cart assembly:)

It's not even really about the cart anymore. I think I have had the cart for over a month. When out and about I "park" it where ever needed. Staff can find me if they just look down the hall and see the cart.

Being visible has not been a problem for me. It's always better to be out and about. The difference is that I can still get work done and get a better pulse of what's going on around the building.
  • Hanging with kids during passing periods. 
  • Being available for teacher's.
  • Just listening to what's going on.
  • Popping into classrooms to enjoy the learning.
  • Provide quality feedback because you can be in classrooms more often.
Can you handle it? Remember at the beginning of the post I said your teachers would find joy in making fun of your new cart? Well they will even buy you "accessories."