Evernote Reminder Ideas

The possibilities are endless! During my weekend of laryngitis I decided to research more ideas for using Evernote. (Yes, my family was thrilled I could not talk.)

First: Student Intervention Team(SIT) I usually sit in on all student intervention meetings and take notes. These meetings are scheduled back to back. By the time we are finished I have other issues to deal with and don't get back to my notes in a timely manner.

Well hello Evernote reminders! I just added a reminder to my note for 6 weeks out to remind me to check in on those interventions. Our team agrees that an intervention must be consistent for 6 weeks to notice improvement or not. I check in on these kids regularly but need the final check-in date to pop up somewhere. Rather than log out of Evernote and go to something else, just put the reminder in Evernote.

2nd: Memo/Newsletter Reminders: We are required to submit an article for our weekly district announcements AND I do a weekly staff memo. On the weekend when I am planning ahead for the week I can start this in an Evernote. I added a reminder in advance of when the info is do so I don't wait until the last minute.

Now, if I only adhere to the reminders and actually do something when they pop up on my phone! LOL!

Sidebar: The "Food" reminder has to do with Thanksgiving gift card I don't want to forget. I could hide the info but not the note. Going to have to figure that out. I also crossed out student names from SIT team meetings.