Video Newsletters - Finally Easy!

TouchCast is an amazingly easy app to use to produce video newsletters! I discovered the app through Curt Rees. My idea for video newletters came from Peter DeWitt's YouTube channel! The first video I produced was just "ok." I didn't like the camera angle for recording from your iPad on your desk. I even propped up my iPad significantly.

Well thank goodness I figured out that my face doesn't even need to be in the recording!!! I can use images as the background.

Production tips:
  • Take a few pictures during the week. I use my iPhone but have Photostream set up so the pics go straight to iPad.
  • All pics don't have to be of live events but I include some.
  • Make sure there are no other apps running in the background.
  • Script - I usually read from a script that I type but this time I didn't. Probably sounds more professional when reading from a script. If you want to get info out you just need to get it out there. I get too caught up in the details sometimes.
  • I put all my pics in order in the tray at the bottom of the screen. Then I just have to select "next VAPP" and the pictures will pop up in order.
  • KEEP IT SHORT! 3 min. may be too long. 5 min. will be the maximum. I haven't recorded to 5 min. yet and hope that I don't.
There are LOTS of other features within that app that I will explore. My purpose it to get info out to my school community in a creative and timely way.

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