How about you? Polished or Passionate?

Someone asked me this question recently, "Are you polished or passionate?" 
I can't get it out of my mind.

Does "it" just look good on the outside? Whatever "it" is at the time.
This blog.....Am I writing what I want to write? Or what's on the surface?(Well duh! It's my blog so I am obviously writing what I want to write.) But it could be better.
Do I say what I mean or what people want to hear? Personal/professional.
Do I go along with the group because the fight is exhausting? Pick your battles? Which ones?

What do I really want to say or do?
Am I really passionate about what I do?
What/who is really important to me?
What if I mess "it" up? 
How would someone know what I am passionate about?

There are somethings I am passionate about that do not need to be written or posted about on the internet or The Twitter:) There is only so much philosophical bantering I can take and I am not good at it anyway. But I just can't stop thinking about this question. So many interpretations.

How about you? Polished? or Passionate?

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